Day Three

Madainn mhath! Tha an sneachd ann!
142a35d3c4e1e27cThe day started out with big flakes and cold temperatures. I had my “free” continental breakfast at the guest house and then practiced a bit, changing my set list for the 19th a bit. I can predict that it’s likely to change at least 3 more times!

I made my way to the concert hall, wishing that I had brought my umbrella! Hugs flakes fell and I was fairly soaked when I arrived. I stopped into one of the shops and purchased a couple of canvases and some paint… Just in the event I had time and inspiration.

The office shift I was to work was fairly slow. I became a runner delivering badges to hotels for artists. It was a very wet day but fun nonetheless. And the city was gorgeous! I even had to take about a dozen bodhrans to City Hall (a venue and educational hall) for the workshops that I would be helping tomorrow.
I traveled with one of the educational producers, Tom. He was a nice fellow who recommended that I get intouch with Douglas Mongomery from Orkney. So I will!

I also left a message with Jen, the coordinator of the Festival Club, to see if I could get on stage. The ladies in the office urged me to do so. Thanks Kathleen and Joyce!

After my shift I met Gordon, met him as Dougie’s bass player but he was playing with his own band last night, and chatted with him a bit.
Then had my sandwich and glass of wine and finally it was time to see Pilgrimer, a re-imagining of Joni Mitchell’s Hejira. I wasn’t sure about how this evening was going to go but I was excited about the concept. I mean, take one of the most monumental albums from the 1970s and ‘Scot it up’! Sounded fascinating! Basically,  a fellow by the name of James Robertson listened to Hejira 3 years after the album came out and did the same journey as Joni Mitchell had done across America. He then transferred the places in Scottish settings and reworded the songs. It worked!
But then there’s the fact that I am fairly picky about who covers Joni….   This evening blew me away. The band was incredible (Larry Carlton, who played on the original album, performed tonight!), the entire cast was fabulous but the one who truly stood out vocally for me was Karine Polwart. Her voice was stellar on these tunes! Bravo, Karine! Just brilliant! x

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Day Two


Oh, the Howl of  night! The cries of passerbys tripping home from the pub. The inevitable sleeplessness that comes from going forward in time kept me awake.

I slept to 11am and slowly got myself around. I took advantage of the massive bathtub in my room and started the day with relaxation. After a peanut butter and jam sandwich breakfast, I practiced for about an hour working on stage presence and story telling. My spot on the Danny Kyle stage is only 20mins  so working out the “scene ” is necessary.

I then bundled myself up and made my way to the Concert Hall and the Volunteer HQ for my badge, T-shirt, and work assignments. While on my way to HQ I ran into Shelagh McKay Jones, a singer songwriter who I shared the Danny Kyle Stage in 2014. She was preparing for her performance as she won the Danny’s last year. I was happy to have run into her!

I was able to “work”  the lecture on Scotland and the Easter Uprising 1916, as it was sold out.  It was one of those moments when it was great to be connected!
From the Glasgow University website:
‘Scotland and the Easter Rising’, edited by Professor Willy Maley and Kirsty Lusk, from the University of Glasgow, focuses on key figures from Scotland who supported the republican movement, including Edinburgh-born James Connolly, one of the Easter Rising leaders, and Margaret Skinnider, from Coatbridge, who smuggled explosives to Dublin and participated in the fighting.

The book brings together writers, journalists and academics to reflect on the part played by Scotland in the 1916 Rising and its many legacies. It was a defining moment in Irish history, laying the foundations of the nation. But 1916 is also a key moment in history for Scotland, for the Irish population living in Scotland and the aftermath which helped shape Irish-Scottish relations. These aspects are the focus of the book.
To learn more visit:

After the lecture, I had just enough time for an egg and watercress sandwich and then it was time to see The Cheiftains! I met two nice ladies from Cambridge, Sue and Diane, when I found my seat in the rafters of the auditorium. Both ladies are teachers. Sue is also in a band with her son called the Beautiful Barley Boys.. Which was cute considering there is only 1 bloke in the band. Sue gave me loads of suggestions about festivals in England that she thought were great. Thanks for the tips!

The concert was incredible! The Cheiftains had several specials guest like Karan Casey and Declan O’Rourke. Oh, and Kris Kristofferson was there and he sang ‘Me and Bobby McGee’ with the Cheiftains as his backing band. The Cheiftains have been together for 52years. Incredible! Paddy Moloney was a dream. A proper Irish bloke who started speaking in Irish and then was a bit of a cheeky comic. I loved every minute.

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Day One

I had to take a nap. My body, still tangled with the terrible cold that had been lingering like an over-infatuated groupie, begged me to stop. So I did.  After all, I was all settled into my room at the guest house on Bath Street and I have been up 28 hours.

I started this day yesterday afternoon in Seattle and I flew seven hours to the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, arriving just after 7am. After a snowy, fifty minute layover (devoid of any northern lights sighting, sadly), an apple, and a bag of crisps, I saddled up another silver bird. We flew to greet the dawn’s blushing hello. Below me were wintery hills, cuillins, and monroes (hills that aren’t tall enough to be considered mountains). They appeared to be dusted with icing sugar. The sweetness level was dependent on the rise and fall of the land. Deep brushes of greens created the valleys, swirls of cerulean blue fingered in dramatic watery lines, and the snows on snow echoed softly like an exhale. Wisps of fog lingered over the delicate dance of whites and greys. I felt as if I had slipped into a painting. Two hours later, the sound of wings came to rest in Glasgow. It was roughly 10am but my body felt as if it was 2am.

The brisk air quickly woke me up as I exited the airport. The temperature lingered around freezing and the sun was shining high in the sky, embracing my face with a warm hello.

My friend Jimi was there to pick me up. He said it was too cold for me to take the bus and he was in the neighborhood. Brilliant! My heart was brimming with gratitude! (My sincere thanks to Carol for organizing it.) We drove through the city, soaking in its perfect juxtaposition of old and jetset. Glasgow is growing! Many large new buildings are in the process of going up which means the economy must be prime.

Through the zigs and zags of the streets and  building with hundreds of faces immortalized in statues, we arrived at the place that I will call home for the upcoming weeks. Adelaide’s is an eight room guest house that is attached to a beautiful auditorium that was built in the mid 1800s.  The auditorium hosts events and holds service for a baptist church. I had the privilege to sing in the auditorium when I performed at Celtic Connections in 2014. It felt like a bit of a home coming.

Up to room 8, I hauled my nearly 50lb suitcase,  my guitar and handbag up three flights of stairs. About half way up, I remembered that I really should have packed lighter. Hindsight is always 20/20. But alas, a girl needs options when it comes to wardrobe and I will spare you the details on hair products curly haired folks must use.

After I unpacked, I bundled myself up to take to the streets in search of a currency exchange, sign up to volunteer at the festival, and most importantly, food. I hadn’t had a proper meal since the homemade breakfast Adam cooked for me. That was over 20 hours ago and my stomach was very vocal about it.

Sauchiehall Street is a great place to adventure. One can find anything one needs while listening to various buskers along the way. The first busker I heard was playing an amplified sitar. He looked like George Harrison with is hair tussled about. He sat on a prayer rug and gave me a smile as I walked by. Down the way, there was an older man who had a James Taylor quality to his sound. He was singing about how a man can go away from Glasgow but Glasgow can never go away from the man. I  felt that an appropriate welcome as I feel very much the same about this city.

I made it to the Royal Concert Hall staircase and stopped to listen to a duo playing guitar and clarinet. It was wonderful. The sun was pouring over the scene and left the stairs in a butterscotch glow. I tossed a few coins in the hat and made my way to the volunteer HQ. I quickly got that sorted while saying hellos to familiar faces. Celtic Connections has officially started! Whoo hoo!

“Growl”, said my tummy. I still hadn’t eaten so I made way next to Marks & Spencers. I have always been fond of M & S partly because it reminds me of when I first moved to Victoria, BC. My friend Melody and I would sometimes meet her mum at the Eaton’s Centre. M & S was a favorite stop then and now. Although the one in Victoria closed years ago, it’s nice to visit this one. They have a currency exchange booth which trades at an okay rate without a fee. They also have a cafe to have soup and sandwiches as well as a grocery area.

Money exchanged. Egg salad /watercress sandwich and tomato soup consumed. And flowers and some non perishable groceries for my room acquired! Done!

I was feeling a bit weary so I headed back to Adelaides. I sent a few emails, made a few calls, and cruised the web for a short while. I was in shock to hear about  Alan Rickman. He was one of my favorite actors. This is hard to swallow since David Bowie passed away Sunday and I am still off kilter about that. It truly reminds me to make every moment count.

And now I am cozy with a cup of tea. I am waiting it out, keeping awake until 10:30pm Glasgow time to try to help me get beyond jet lag. I will be up a total of  31 hours (okay 30 if you deduct that hour nap).

In dreams, I will find and greet all who have gone away. In waking, I will live a bit louder because of them.

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Another year begins…

It’s been forever since I have updated this blog. So here it goes …

I leave for Bonnie Scotland tomorrow and I will write about my journey along the way!

Stay tuned,Starheads!! xx

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Where in the world have we been!? Ireland! Turkey! and most recently, Scotland!

From our Official Website News page
Friday, November 29, 2013


Happy Thanksgiving!

When I look back at the last month I am rushed with emotions. Scotland was like a dream. We walked where the veil between daydream and reality was thin. When it comes to describing the immense beauty and magic that we felt. I am often at a loss for words. My heart is so full with gratitude. What an amazing journey!

Perthshire Amber

The Perthshire Amber was unlike any festival that we have been a part of. The festival is run by lots of family; blood or friendship, it doesn’t matter. There is a closeness that the festival generates that has forever changed how I wish to share music. It seems that in Scotland, music begins at an early age and is a continued conversation over the years of development. One doesn’t have to be musical to take part in the dialogue, as those who listen are just as important as those who create it. The pubs are filled with sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, sharing a musical conversation. Grans and Grand Fathers are also there sharing in the history, folklore, and adding the stories to be passed to the next generations.

As part of the Festival we were able to play on a Song Bus, host a session at the Perth Arms, play the beautiful and prestigious Perth Concert Hall with Dougie MacLean and his mega talented friends (to a near sold out audience!), and perform at Scotland’s smallest distillery, Edradour.

In between the performances there was time to share songs and stories with the entire cast and crew after hours in the Royal Dunkeld Pub. Such beautiful moments! Gorgeous songs, glowing tunes.. moments that will burn in my heart for my lifetime.

Thanks to the entire Perthshire Amber crew for the wonderful hospitality and opportunity (including Marty and Michael the sound GODS!). Thanks to the Royal Dunkeld for the beautiful place to lay our heads. Thanks to our new musical friends, Charlie McKerron, Buddy MacDonald, Gina MacLeod, Alan Jordan, Ewen Sutherland, Marc Clement, Ross Ainslie, Anderson McGuinty Webster Ward & Fisher, Calum Buchanan, Gordon, MacLean, Pete Garnett and so many others! I am in awe of your talents! I bask in your glow! To Dolina MacLean for her beautiful smile, lovely stories, and raising a super amazing son, Dougie. And sincere thanks to Dougie and Jennifer MacLean and their incredible powerhouse team for organizing and executing such a fine tuned festival!
Thank you Thank you!


While we were in Scotland we had the opportunity to travel a bit and visited many beautiful places. We went and said hello to the Old Man of Stor on the Isle of Skye. I ran through the castle grounds and had a conversation with a robin friend at Eileen Donan Castle. We took a ferry to Stromness in the Orkney Islands to see the Neolithic chambered cairn called Maeshowe. The Orkney Islands blessed us with rainbows, selkies, stone circles and kind folks. We walked where the tides came together to see a Viking settlement while the sky turned raspberry gold. We ran through the gardens at Dunrobin Castle and whistled tunes to magpies.
Scotland was a dream that I didn’t want to wake from.

What’s Next?

Be on the lookout for our new DVD all about Scotland!! We hope to have it ready for sale by Friday December 13 at our Eastside CD Release party at Soul Food Books in Redmond!
Festival application season is in full force. I have applied to many festivals across the globe. We will see where the winds will take us!

Solo CD for Fae. I have never done a full solo studio album. I think that it is time. I hope record this winter and have a new CD ready for you listening ears by the summers first light.. Stay tuned!

Thank you for listening, following, and cheering us on.
You mean the world to us.

Have a glorious Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, St Andrew’s Day and start of the last month of 2013.

Love, Fae

Performance at the Perth Concert Hall. Photo by Rosie Leitch

Sound check at the Perth Concert Hall with Buddy MacDonald

Fae singing on the Song Bus!

Making music on Halloween at the Taybank in Dunkeld

Playing at a session in the Perth Arms

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Ireland…. April 2012


Hi Kids! We are off to Ireland for a little tour!

We are on a super tight budget, but we will make it!

If you wish to help us on our way… you can Donate to our tour in Ireland!!

Just click on the button above and you can make a secure donation to our travel fund!

If you donate.. we will have some rewards for ya!

$0 – $10 — We will send you a postcard from Ireland!

$15 – $30 — We will send you a postcard and take a photo at some magical place with your name in the photograph… wishing you were here!

$31 – $75 — We will film a personalized video  for you in some AWESOME historical place in Ireland!!

$76- $150 — We will sing you a song in Ireland… dedicating it to you –on film — and post it on Facebook!

$151 – $500 — Fae will write a song for you.. inspired by the magic of Ireland.

There will likely be a new album that will come out of this trip so any help will be appreciated!

We love you and thank you for your support!!!

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Winter winds, radio waves, and Atlantic dreams….

It’s only 8 days into the new year and I have been working hard on getting SeaStar ready for a great year ahead!
Those winter winds have brought the muse home and much new music is on the way! Plus lots of other cool stuff!


Our music was submitted and approved by Pandora! Keep a look out in the next few weeks for our presence in that epic world!

CDs submitted to:
KUOW ~ Steve Scher
KEXP ~ New Music Show
KBCS ~ Local Folk Scene
NPR ~ All Things Considered

In the next few weeks, call up these radio stations and ask for us!!

On deck:

lots of other internet radio stations!  Captain and I received a gift of a Roku and we have discovered lots of places for independent music! We are assembling our internet forces and will infiltrate soon!


Captain is booking shows with fun new bands we have encountered! WOO HOOO!

We will soon record an EP of  NEW music at our favourite recording Paradise!

April will bring SeaStar to Ireland for some music fun! Tour info TBA
This is a huge dream of mine! I can’t wait to land on the soil that has influenced me for so long!!

When winter was brawling, o’er high hills and mountains
And dark were the clouds o’er the deep rolling sea,
I spied a wee lass as the daylight was dawning
She was asking the road to sweet Carnloch Bay.

The adventure continues!! Join us for the ride!

Thanks for being our fans,



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Love ~ Music for Community, Rumors, Ho Ho Ho-ing!

As I turn the calendar page to the final chapter of this year all I can say is WOW! So much music played, listened to, recorded! Many miles traveled, new friends discovered, beautiful places embraced! I am caught in awe. I set many goals for my SeaStar family and we exceeded all of them. And most importantly… we had FUN doing it!! Thanks to all our fans for your continued support! For without you, none of this was possible!

We played our second to last show of year on Friday, December 2 at Enlighten Cafe! I had an idea that I wanted to give back to the community. We had received so much this year, it just made sense to give back. I came up with LOVE ~ Music for Community. I wanted to host an evening featuring several bands and performers to raise money for a charity.
We did just that. On board were:

The Hayburners
Jim Marcotte
Jean Mann
House of Neptune
Samaya Tribe
Janet McCammon
and SeaStar
We raised money and gathered goods for
the Ballard Food Bank.
It was a very successful evening of music, dance, and community. I announced that this night was the first of many community driven shows that would happen throughout 2012. While this is a big undertaking, I believe that we need to embrace our community and pay attention to things around us. So keep a look out for the next Love ~ Music for Community Show!

So many have asked…
I heard things under people’s breath Friday night…
“Where is Geli?” “Did she leave the band!? ”

WHAT!? NO!!!

In the start of autumn, Geli requested December off for a little break and social time. This year has been packed with gig after gig! Recording and promoting a CD, while having a day job, is a hard thing. So when Geli requested this, the band said ‘No Problemo!” We are still together and ready to get giging in January.

SeaStar’s last show for 2011 will be Friday, December 9th at the Mandolin Cafe in Tacoma with Blue Star Creeper. We will have TC Cochran playing lead guitar for us that night. You should come!


We wish you a bright holiday season! Embrace your friends and family, hold a light in your heart, and do a few good deeds! Sing songs, play music, and most of all.. be gentle to yourself and those around you.

Peace on Earth!
Good Will to Men, Women, & Dachshunds!

PS: A very happy birthday to my She-Star sistah, Geli!

Janet McCammon & SeaStar ~ Photo by Mike McCarty

Syren ~ Photo by Mike McCarty
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Blue November, Autumn Colours, T Shirts & New Music!

November has flown by! Autumn came on like a love affair! Lush and bright the colours took life and soon the last little leaves will fall. The naked trees are dancing in the whispers of winter…

The Ninth Annual Blue November MicroFilmFest was a great experience for SeaStar. Every year is different with new films and friends. This year was no exception! Thankful to have this event in our community!

We have a full collection of T-Shirts now!! You can email us with what you like and we can ship them out to you!! pay with paypal! $20 plus $2 for shipping. Please visit our SeaStar Facebook Page for more pictures!! Makes a perfect Christmas gift!!

New Music was played at the Night of Health & Inspiration in Country Village, Bothell. We debuted 3 new tunes that will be in our regular line up now! And more on the way!! The chilly weather is always a muse.

Happy Birthday to our He-Stars
Captain & Falcone!

Thanks for reading, listening, following!

Big Love,
-Fae, Captain, Geli, & Falcone

New Design for T-Shirts!

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Parties, Pandas, Shanties, Mini Tour, Mini Bar? well maybe…

So we began this month with a birthday party for our dear friend and STARHEAD, Shanie. We made it over to Soul Food Books in Redmond to have a little celebration, cat cake, and a few good laughs to ring in another year for a great person. It is always fun to play at parties with a gaggle of other musicians. Our improv skills are pretty high so this is a great treat for us!

We played again at the Mandolin Cafe in Tacoma the following week! What a great venue. Lovely folks, great food, wonderful staff, and a bunch of new fans! We were very flattered that Bill, a new Starhead, even requested “True”! He said that he looked us up, listened to our music, and loved the tune. So we dedicated it to him! Brilliant!

The next day Fae celebrated her one year anniversary of having the Caboose, an actual train car inside the Country Village, as her studio! We practice every week in this1923 historic gem. It is a wonderful place to make music!! Happy 1 year Caboosie!

The third weekend hosted our mini tour with Blue Star Creeper and The Lunasphere! We played the Shanty Tavern in Lake City and the following day we made it up to Arlington, Wa to play the Mirkwood Cafe! What a wonderful group of folks to spend a couple of days with! Great music! Phenomenal people! We hope we can do this again.. but longer next time!!

This past Friday we played the Blue Moon in Seattle. Pocket Panda put together a great night of music with Lone Madrone from Portland and Seth McGrath. The bar was hoppin’ with swelling folk music!…a change from the usual Rock/Punk scene that usually is there.
Great staff, wonderful sound! Thanks to all that came out… Oh, and we were in costume..
so that was an extra bonus!!

Happy Samhain!
-Fae, Captain, Geli, & Falcone

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